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Flow from request to delivery

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Please contact us after describing your request from the inquiry screen. If you have decided on a schedule etc., please enter that as well. We will contact you at a later date.

Before starting production, please take the time to have a meeting to explain the details of your request. (online)

Basically, there is only one meeting before production, but in some cases there may be multiple meetings or no meetings required.

Before the start of production, we will arrange the quotation, schedule, and request contents, and when all are complete, we will start production. Please note that design costs will be incurred when production starts.

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We will send you the completed design. In some cases, we will send it by e-mail and in some cases we will ask you to have a meeting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

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We will receive corrections and opinions from customers and prepare for the purpose.​ If the plan changes significantly from the initial request, a separate design fee may be charged.

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We will send you the delivery data when the correction is completed and OK is given. We will send you an invoice at a later date, so payment will be completed.


* This flow is a sample. Please understand that it may change depending on the customer.

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