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Design a "good atmosphere".

Color scheme unique to women, lines unique to women,

By paying attention to each element of the design,

I will finish the design (feeling of air).

Sometimes I put out the paint

There are many ways to make each material.

Redrawing the line,

You may want to go back to a blank sheet and start over.

How to make a "good atmosphere"

Because I think there are many ways.

So that the finished design can shine wherever you are

I will design.

奥村ゆい グラフィックデザイナー

  Product body design

Package design

  Branding (logo tone and manners)

  Graphic design (paper)

  Pattern design (pattern)

  WEB design

  Binding design

  Illustration production

奥村ゆい グラフィックデザイナー

From the experience of more than 100 product design achievements, we can design with a view to selling products.

Design that is conscious of the situation where targets and products are lined up in stores, competition and market research.

Not only design but also illustration can be drawn, so it can correspond to a wide range of projects.

Originally, illustrator and designer are different occupations, but since you can do both by yourself, production can proceed smoothly.

We can handle everything from product design to package design, and even tools for selling it, all by yourself.

Various designs such as WEB and catalogs are required to make and sell products. It is possible to handle all the designs by yourself. This makes it possible to unify the world view of tools, which tend to be miscellaneous, and create a beautiful design.

* It may be difficult to design special products, so please contact us first.

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